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Delta Streets Academy will equip young men for today and the future by providing a holistic education that promotes the highest achievement in academics and athletics, a biblical worldview, and character development marked by disciplined behavior.  We will equip young men with the necessary tools that are needed to live successfully and effectively today and in the future. Delta Streets Academy will embody and promote the spirit of individual excellence through the highest quality teachers, family and community support, and programs that are biblically based.  Delta Streets Academy will be the alternative school of choice enabling children to reach their full potential and perform successfully on standardized testing at the national level.  Delta Streets Academy will become a model school for educating children regardless of their current academic and social status.  As a result, Delta Streets Academy will become locally and regionally recognized as a school that will provide the community with its leaders and productive leaders.

From The Lion's Den, Vol 2 Issue 03

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FROM THE LION'S DEN, Volume 02, Issue 03

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We thank you for your continued support and interest in our young men and the work being done here, everyday at Delta Streets Academy. Please share this issue of FROM THE LION'S DEN with friends and family. 

When I look back over the last six years of our operation, I can see how God has used so many different individuals in the process. Really, the list is endless! One very clear example that is fresh on my mind is my mother-in-law, Beverly Reans (the Howard boys call her B). She works for the postal service and delivers the mail in South Greenwood which is where a large portion of our students live. 
We had some kids break into the blue building, where we use to store all of our athletic equipment, and take several things. One of the items was my lawn mower...I figured that location was safer than our house! Then one day, I get a phone call from B, and she lets me know she stopped three boys in the neighborhood right by the blue building and told them to leave the mower right there. And they did because she is always so nice to everyone in that community. They all respect her!
Anyway, this school year we have a student enrolled who she was pivotal in recruiting since he was in the third or fourth grade. She was constantly telling his grandmother, who she delivers to daily, that he needed to be in our school. He is in the seventh grade and enrolled at DSA this year! But it gets better; the other day while B was delivering mail to his grandmother, the grandmother stopped B and shared how much change she has seen in her grandson over the last few weeks. To the point that he now rides his bike to school so he won't be late and get a mark. She said he would have never done that if he was at the middle school. And it all started by a conversation B had with her.
Please be praying for that student because while the grandmother can see a big change in such a short amount of time, I, along with two other coaches, had a conversation with the student after football practice one day waiting for his ride, and he was adamant about not desiring a relationship with God. While his behavior might be changing, he is still missing the biggest issue in his life. Please pray that God continues to use individuals like B to help cultivate relationships where God's grace and love can be shared and hopefully received!

In Christ,
T.Mac Howard, Delta Streets Academy Head of School
(662) 897-9876

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Coach (Josh) Reagan has joined Delta Streets Academy this year from Brandon, MS. He teaches 7th, 8th, and 9th grade physical science and general science, while also assisting the coaching staff for football, basketball, and track in the Spring.
Coach Reagan, who played sports against Coach Howard in high school, reconnected with him a few summers ago where T.Mac shared what he was doing with Delta Streets Academy. At the time, T.Mac asked Coach Reagan to come on board with Delta Streets, he didn’t then, but we are happy to have him now. Coach Reagan joins us in Greenwood with his wife Christina and two young boys, Elijah and Jonah.

A typical day for Coach Reagan begins with listening to the devotion in the morning with the students, and then overseeing two study halls where he prepares for his classes later in the day.

He tells us that he enjoys the opportunity to interact with the guys. He says, “It’s been really fun just being able to talk to them about the Lord and relate what we know about God to what we are learning in science”. “God is the creator of all things and science is not really opposed to Christianity, we are just studying about the way God has made the world, and we are getting to see the little intricate details of how God has made creation.”

We are very thankful to have Coach Reagan on board with Delta Streets Academy.

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The September Scholar of the Month is...   KACEY SMITH

Kacey Smith enrolled at DSA as a 7th grader in 2014. His first two years here were not the best to say the least. 

Whether he was sleeping in class or not turning in homework, Kacey did not look forward to being at school. For discipline, we have the guys write pages for the "marks" they receive during the day. Last year, Kacey wrote pages on average three out of the five days we were in school each week. It was such a struggle at the end of the year, that we thought he would not return for this Fall.
BUT, Kacey has had an amazing turn around! He has not stayed after school once to write pages, and his grades have improved drastically. 
Kacey, whose favorite subject is math, says this year he is “more concentrated on learning to help me go to a better college. I’ve been wanting to go to Mississippi State since 3rd grade and I’ve been really focused on trying to get into Mississippi State for sports or education and also Jackson State University.”
Words cannot describe the change. He is smiling walking down the hallways and just has a positive attitude about himself. As for his thoughts on DSA, Kacey says “It’s a good school for kids who like to learn and like Jesus. It’s a good Christian school and I recommend it for a lot of people.”
We hope that part of the change is God moving in his life!  Please continue to pray for Kacey and the other students that he walks the halls with each day.

Football is full speed and we are four games into our season. We started off with two wins against teams that are in a "rebuilding" process. The last two games were against much more disciplined and athletic teams. Unfortunately, we came up short in both games. We have two seniors, one junior, and the rest of the guys are either tenth or ninth graders. As the season goes on, we will only get better. The things we are working on in practice have translated well into the games. We just have so much to work on! 

We play our first district game this Friday against Strider Academy. Our guys’ attitudes are still positive, which makes a huge difference in the grind of a long season. Take a look at our schedule, and if you are ever close enough to come watch a game, come on! 

View our full schedule HERE in the DSA website

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