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Delta Streets Academy will equip young men for today and the future by providing a holistic education that promotes the highest achievement in academics and athletics, a biblical worldview, and character development marked by disciplined behavior.  We will equip young men with the necessary tools that are needed to live successfully and effectively today and in the future. Delta Streets Academy will embody and promote the spirit of individual excellence through the highest quality teachers, family and community support, and programs that are biblically based.  Delta Streets Academy will be the alternative school of choice enabling children to reach their full potential and perform successfully on standardized testing at the national level.  Delta Streets Academy will become a model school for educating children regardless of their current academic and social status.  As a result, Delta Streets Academy will become locally and regionally recognized as a school that will provide the community with its leaders and productive leaders.

From The Lion's Den, Vol 2, Issue 04

FROM THE LION'S DEN, Volume 02, Issue 04

Expect our monthly newsletter to hit your inbox towards the beginning of the month. Every issue will promise a note From the Head of the School, T.Mac Howard, as well as a look inside the classroom.

We thank you for your continued support and interest in our young men and the work being done here, everyday at Delta Streets Academy. Please share this issue of FROM THE LION'S DEN with friends and family. 

From the first day the school doors opened until now, I have not devoted my part of the newsletter to saying THANK YOU to First Baptist Church here in Greenwood, MS. It is long over due!

I'm sure I will leave some major details out in explaining all the ways we use their facilities, but do know, their generosity of letting Delta Streets use their building has been monumental in the growth of our school. We use seven classrooms each day all over the church. Our students meet in the basement each morning for devotional and scripture memory, and then come back down there for lunch. The kitchen is free for us to use, and use it is an understatement. The church staff is always so kind and understanding when things arise. That could be a parent coming to the wrong door, a phone call intended for DSA but calling the church office, a spill in the hallway or the basement and so on...

If we ever have any issues with lights or the mechanical units, the church is super quick to respond, and they do not charge us a penny for the use of their facilities. We reimburse the church as a thank you each month, but it does not even come close to what we would have to pay someone if we were renting the space. 

So, as a school family, I want to say THANK YOU to First Baptist Church for the free reign of their facilities.

In Christ,
T.Mac Howard, Delta Streets Academy Head of School
(662) 897-9876

Dr. Jeanne DuBard, born and raised in Greenwood, teaches 7th grade reading and math, while also serving as an administrator at Delta Streets. As an administrator, she deals a lot with the discipline problems, sends out the text alerts, and acts as a liaison between the school and the parents.
Dr. DuBard completed her undergraduate degree at Delta State University, and then went on to teach in Jackson while working towards her Master’s Degree in Elementary Ed with reading as a minor. While in Jackson she became National Board Certified as an Early Childhood Generalist, and then began her pursuit of a Doctorate Degree at Mississippi State University. She received her PHD in Curriculum Instruction with a minor in reading and worked as a researcher for the early childhood institute at MSU. 

Since then, she has returned to Greenwood and served as the Pillow Academy Elementary School principal, and continued to teach in higher education for universities all over the south. After teaching largely online classes for a few years and spending time in prayer trying to decide where to go back to work full-time, she received a call from T Mac asking her if she was interested in coming on board. She says it’s definitely a God-send that He put her here at Delta Streets: “The kids definitely need us, both academically and spiritually, so I feel honored that he called me.”
Not only is she an asset to the students, but also to the other DSA staff members. This year Dr. DuBard is assisting teachers with developing benchmarks for all their courses to increase academic rigor. Her implementation of both the National and Mississippi benchmarks will allow the school to see what students have completed in the classroom and what skills and concepts have been taught.
Dr. DuBard loves that Delta Streets is an all-boys school.  Out of all her teaching experience, that is something she’s never had. She also appreciates the spiritual aspect of DSA; the morning devotionals start the day off well and there is great emphasis on specific bible verses throughout the week in the classroom.  Her 7th graders are currently reading C.S. Lewis’s The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and because she has the autonomy to do so, she tries to fold in spiritual teaching into everything they do.
She is truly grateful for the hardworking staff that she says is “100% dedicated”. Dr. DuBard is quick to emphasize their dedication telling us that some of the staff stay at detention one night a week until 7 o’clock, which is something the public doesn’t see. “It feels like family. It doesn’t really feel like work, because everybody is so easy.” We are thankful to have Dr. DuBard as part of the Delta Streets Family!

The Scholar of the Month for September is...

Dominick Brown

Junior, Dominick Brown, is the October Scholar of the Month. Dominick was chosen as Scholar of Month because of how he has matured since 7th grade. Dominick says he was childish in 7th grade and now he understands what Delta Streets has worked to instill in him. He explains, “We’ve got to mature and become men and understand our responsibilities. Now he (Coach Howard) can trust us to do stuff, when back then he couldn’t because we always got in trouble.”

Dominick’s Math ACT scores also make him a stand out. He recently scored a 21 on the math section and is projected to score a 25 the next time he takes it. His ACT score will help him decide where he wants to attend college, but Mississippi State is definitely an option. His favorite subjects are Math and Science, which is appropriate considering he hopes to be an Orthopedic Surgeon one day. Dominick knows he will have to be in school for a long time, so he’s preparing himself for long nights of studying to make A’s. 

As an active member in the youth group at First Baptist, Dominick enjoys coming to church to see what’s going on and to learn more about the Bible. He has shared many of the fun trips and activities the youth participate in with other Delta Streets students and has encouraged them to join him at Youth.

Throughout his years at Delta Streets, Dominick has come to enjoy the teachers and the smaller classes. Dominick says, “Teachers mainly focus on you, not like in public schools where you have big classes, but at this school they will help you out one-on-one”. Most importantly, he likes that Delta Streets teaches about the Bible and explains it to students so they can understand it.

Thank you to everyone who donated items for the garage sale. This is the first year we have done this and successfully raised $6500 for Delta Streets Academy. We could not have done so without your items and the help of our countless volunteers. 

The garage sale would not have been possible without the hard work and leadership of Kathryn Dyksterhouse. Thank you for your endless hours of planning and coordinating all aspects of this fundraising event. Delta Streets is thankful for your dedication and belief in making this school prosper!

The football season is coming to a close with two more varsity games left. This season has been a long one but hopefully one we can learn from and grow. We lost a close game against Rebul Academy last week by one touchdown, and we had the ball on their own 20 with 45 seconds left. Our next two games are against two of the top six teams in 8-man, so we have our work cut out for us. Thankfully the guys' attitudes are still upbeat. 

One exciting thing that happened a few days ago is our alignment for next year. We will be playing 11-man football starting next August.

In the next issue, we will update you about the upcoming basketball season. 

View our full football and basketball schedules HERE on the DSA website

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